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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2013 8:30am-9:00am PST

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thing that you talked about, i understand the congressional hearings, one of the criticisms was that the people who no longer were able to have guns, will have their guns and i understand that california we have a cross-reference checking, so if there is an order of domestic violence or something, put in place, then it is matched up with if he owns a gun if the person owns a gun or not. >> right. do we have a unit that actually goes and takes the gun from them? >> what we were doing is we were having some of the frat officers do that and act in concert with our plain clothes officers on the days that we had an overlap and we did net several guns, there was a grant to actually go and do that expired and we still do it if we know about it, maybe the chief beal he was in investigations when we were acting on it. >> are you talking about frat? >> no, recovery of the guns from prohibited persons. >> yeah, the team took the lead on that.
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what we would do at that time we ko call fabre and he would coordinate the list of people that were prohibited and we would every day take a time out in the schedule to go out and visit those people and recover the guns whenever possible and at one point we recovered over 250 of these guns every day and pass it out to district stages like we said earlier to make sure that all, or anyone that was prohibited in their district, the officers knew about it and then, they would be coordinated effort to go out and reach out and contact these people, and get the guns back. >> and run out now? >> it is not grant, there is no reason why we can't take a look at where we are at with the program right now and reinitiate it ourselves. >> right, i was thinking or develop some type of unit that has that responsibility and perhaps a budget if we need to. >> i was going to say, there are so many things that we are going to do when we get back to full staffing, especially now
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that we initiated these efficiency plans that get us more people, but creating units is nothing something that is a luxury that i have right now. >> we actually had officers out of vrt that enjoyed that and took it upon themselves to make sure that they got that list down and paired it down, i think that we went through that list in about, seven or eight or nine months. >> but, again, it manifest itself and so we will get a fresh list and start it up again. >> that was one of criticisms that we have, not we but we have a law and some law enforcement are not talking the responsibility or the opportunity. >> commissioner that was a complete go to the fridge and get the box and we went right through the list. marshall, a couple of things. >> commissioner kingsley, and do the prevention piece, i have never looked at the department
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as a that it is not their forte, i don't think that it should be, they put into place because and because they are doing their best. i think that it is the community responsibility for do the prevention piece and i think that it is the family's responsibility to do the piece. i think that as much partnership in the department and the community agencies and the community to only increase the success. and the prevention efforts. i mean, i just hear that, i always say you are asking the police to do something that we are not trained to do, what i think is their primary responsibility. >> the further that we get and get everybody in harmony on those and working in partnership we will have much more success around the prevention, when it comes to prevention, the most ideal is that the young people don't
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want to carry and deal with the firearms in the first place, that is prevention, and it makes everybody safe. >> and maybe we will have more discussion on that later. >> at some point, if you don't mind, on the looking forward, the piece that is listed here, if you don't mind talking about today, because i think that what we do today is on the table and looking forward. so if you don't mind talking about that. >> sure, commissioner, and i were part of a panel with congress woman jackie spear, leader nancy pelosi, and mike the chair of the new committee to figure out what is the most practical approach to reducing guns, he is a big gun owner himself. but he spoke to the fact that assault rifles are not something, weapons of war is not something that he would be in favor of but more in controls and national registries and background checks and psych protiles and
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on and on. and mayor lee, who obviously is pretty much the local leader on this kind of thing and myself, and... >> and congress woman jackie spear too. >> she has been and just took 700 guns off of a buy back of their own. and somatao county sheriff was represented and it was a great cross section of people on both sides of the issue in the crowd. some people had been victim of gun violence, i know that we have a month thougher who lost her child here with us tonight and we never have to have that happen again tonight that is what consensus is that we can figure it out and what happened in newtown, obviously took the nation's conscious by storm, we lost 45 people, people of them young people and people of color where it all too common-place. if we can figure it out and we can get rid of these, choppers and machine pens and the like,
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i mean these guns came off the streets of san francisco, and an ak san francisco killed isaac espenosa and it is just way overdue and the congressman made a statement that the people that think that this is about taking their guns away, he is is wrong because we have a striker gun laws in california. in fact the national law, because these guns do travel, there were 60,000 guns sold in california last year. there is no problem getting and buying a gun if you are the right person and using it recreationally and lawfully and the whole thing, the way that these guns travel is there is no way to know that you are safe from these things if the laws are so disparaged state to state. >> i know that we are talking about the what happens in san francisco, but i think that it has been pointed out if things are not done elsewhere, is there any way that it won't matter what we do in san francisco, but the guns travel
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and so you know, commissioners, i just want to say that i was very, the host of the meeting of the boys club today. i was actually very heartened by the, you know all of the people who are here from leader pelosi down to allen mire and i mean this is an opportunity for us to get a lot done in these areas. i mean i was... and the selective was a great cross section of people there. but when it was done, and you know, some of these forms can be tough, it seems like everyone left with a very optimistic about moving things forward with the president's proposals and even if folks disagree, and i will say this, i think that the selection of mike thompson is very good. because he is a gun owner and you know he started out and saying that i am for it, and so i was actually heartened by it, i don't know how you felt. >> we have a lot to do here and
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whatever your policies are. but this is a moment and an opportunity because of newtown and just tell you really, not that you tug at anybody's heart strings. but a young girl who actually participated in president obama's i don't know if you heard about that, inauguration last week, she played in a band and she went back to chicago and got killed yesterday. >> so, unfortunately these things go on, but i am thinking that there is some, you know, political will to do something about it at least some of the big pieces on there, of the plans, so hopefully bright and her better days are coming. >> yeah. >> 15-year-old girl. >> yeah. >> anything further. >> thank you so much, it was an
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excellent presentation. >> thank you. >> let's call item 4 b. >> item 4 b. occ's director report, review of recent activities presentation of the occ's 2013 community out reach and strategic plan and report on out reach activities. presentation of the occ's 2012 first amendment compliance audit of san francisco police department records purchase su ant to department general order 8.10. >> presentation of the occ's monthly comprehensive statistical report and companion reports for the periods of january 1, 2012, through december 31, 2012 and january, 2011, through december 31, 2011 and immediatation of the complaints in the december 26013 and adjudication of the sustained complaintses in 2012.
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>> good evening, and members of the audience, i sure picked a finite to have four reports to give too, please bear with me. last night i attended a community forum held at the san francisco public library by the bart office of the independent police audit or and the review board. both were created as a result of the oscar grant shooting. the review board and the office of independent police officers held the community forum to advise the public about how to file complaints against bart police officers for misconduct or neglected. >> that is the shortest review by far >> now moving to the 2013, community out reach.
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>> in 2008. the office developed an annual community out reach strategic plan which seeks to improve the public and police understanding of the occ's service and goals and accomplishments. our mission statement in our strategic plan is to create transparency about the goals and accomplishments. to strengthen the occ's relationship with the communities historically and likely to have encounters with the police. and to enhance the occ's ties to populations racially or culturally isolated from the police services, to work with community groups, other agencies, and the police department to find effective solutions to enhance police community relation and police services. >> under my direction and as with our previous community out reach plans, this 2013 plan was prepared by two of the attorneys in our office.
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donna and sandra each of them play a kehl roll in out reach. miss salasar organizations the program as well as the out reach efforts. miss marion through the work as the occ attorney engages in out reach through the contacts with the members of the community and the police department as she proposes and drafts new policies for the police department. >> the purpose of tonight's report is to set forth the occ's out reach goals for 2013 and to summarize the occ's progress in carrying out the strategic plan in 2011, 2012. we are a small city department but we use a community based approach that continually builds upon our existing partnership and through this we have been able to maximize our resources and out reach efforts both in 2011, and 2012. in addition, to providing information about our services, our out reach efforts include
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gathering information from stake holders about the policing issues that are of concern to their communities. the information that we received is vital in shaping our policy, objective and priorities. and we work in partnership with community groups and other city agencies and the police department. and we seek to find effective solutions to enhance community police relation and police services. >> throughout both 2011 and 2012, we made presentations about our program to a number of audiences, we collaborated with numerous community organizations on police policy and participated in a wide range of community events. by doing this, we were able to strengthen our relationship with communities, and again, which historically, and statistically are likely to have encounters with the police. we focused on communities racially culturally isolated
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from the police services, during the last two years, we continued our collaborativive work with the community organization to advance juvenile policing policies, language access services during the police interactions with the limited english proficient individuals and the police response to the mentally ill and the individuals that are in crisis. we worked in partnership with a number of organizations that included the domestic violence, and the mental health association and the hukle berry assess sxment referal center and the asia pacific out reach and the police department and we played an active role in facilitating solutions to a video of policing issues. we gave presentations about our services, to a number of audiences. pe made presentation to the san francisco youth commission, the commission on status of women, the san francisco chapter of the national alliance on mental
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illness, nami. the height, youth summit and institute familiard and that just names a few. we participated in a roundtable sponsored by the human rights commission, and attended a roundtable was attended by community health workers, the district attorney and the police department. and the issue was the use of condoms as evidence of prostitution. we also met with a staff of be magic representing youth in the bay viewpoint as well as the national council on crime and delinquency. we participated in advocacy day and discussed constitutional policing with high school students and provided them know your rights of youth in san francisco brochure. we addressed audiences they university of california, berkeley law school.
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the universe of san francisco, the san francisco city academy and san francisco city college. our medation program also played an important part in our out reach and in 2012 we reached a community board peace keeping record for excellent and adr practice. we were acknowledged by california state senator mark leno and the san francisco board of supervisors. also in september of 2012, the coordinate and her long term, occ mediater, participated in the solute to the bay area volunteer mediators at at&t park. we are a unique oversight mod sxl we regularly attract interest both internationally and nationally, and from academic communities. during 2011, and 2012 we hosted
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representatives from other agencies such as the san diego police and review board. the office of the police monitor and the newly formed bart office of the police auditer. in addition to hosting members from other american civilian oversight agencies we also met with international representatives. we addressed the invitation of the police department, the dell delegation of the justices that were visiting through the international visitor leadership program. during our very spirited discussion with them, we discussed our investigative role and policy work in medation. we hosted representatives from the trenatad and tobago police
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complaint authority, it is to investigate complaints of miscontact concerning the trenadad and tobago police. >> it was a delegation that provided us the occ a unique opportunity to discuss the policing and civilian oversight. in addition to hosting international and national visitors, we attended community events in 2011, and 2012, we staffed tables at various fares and celebrations. we continued to participate in the operation homeless connect and veteran's connect day long events. we also had several media opportunities to discuss civilian oversight and the
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occ's services. >> in april of last year, i was interviewed by former police commissioner david onic as part of his criminal justice conversations pod cast. is he a very fellow at the berkeley center for criminal justice and in 2011, i was interviewed by the tribune and kgo news. we, do substantial work with mental health organizations and the police department and we did work in the area of the crisis intervention teams, and the work that we have done was featured in san francisco, nahmi fall 2012 out of the fog newsletter. we have reported in the past in
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2011, and 12 attended the meeting and gave several presentations. in addition to the awards received by miss salazar for the medation program, they worked diligently to train and recruit volunteers on medation and the result of these efforts of the occ mediated 61 cases in 2011 and 62 in 2012. the program has resulted in increased out reach activities to a broader audience. medation coordinator conducted orientation for 12 new mediators and she attended four community board trainings and made a presentation regarding the program to recruit new
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trainers. new mediators. miss salazar worked in close collaboration with the san francisco police association to educate the officers about medation. she spoke with numerous organizations about implementing programs, including the kansas city office of community complaints, the sarastota florida police panel and the austin, texas police monitor. >> the occ website has been an area of attention during my five-year tenure and with the diligent work of information technology and business analyst chris, was significantly improved our website. and continues to be a vital, out reach tool for us. and we have posted on the website, commonly asked
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questions and answers about the occs and we have a calendar of public out reach activity and our annual and quarterly reports to the police commission, our community out reach plan, informational prosures in english, and other languages. and our medation brochure in the top five targeted languages. the police commission hearing notice and 40 locations through san francisco where occ complaint forms can be obtained. for several years budgetary constraints have gotten in the way of on-line complaint filing but i am happy to report that is well under way. on-line complaint filing the development thereof. and we anticipate that we will be able to go live by the second quarter of this year.
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by june 30th. >> finally to the 2013, out reach goals and we will provide the services, and here in community members policy concerns and enhancing community pat ner ships. to more effectively reach larger audiences and continue to fulfill the out reach commission by relying on the staff presentations and distributing widely our information to the materials and attending the community events involving the policing issues. we will maintain our robust schedule of out reach activities as we did in previous years. we will continue our policy work on language access, juvenile policing and violence in mental illness and we will continue to expand out reach activities. we will can't to log our out reach efforts and to tribute written materials and complaint forms to numerous agency and community center and libraries
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and organizations throughout the city and we will continue to post our community out reach strategic plan and annual reports on the website and take advantage of activities as they arrive in the media. >> we are committed to our ambition, out reach strategy as we were in the 2008 when we originally created this plan. and we will continue to maximize our resources by building on strategic alliances with our stake holders. who include non-governmental organizations advocacy, non-profit, community groups and the police department and other cities and county agencies departments, boards and commissions and offices. >> we will have an external focus with national and
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international involved in placing and oversight of policing and law enforcement policies. that concludes this report. >> and i can take the questions on this one now or move on to the department general 8.10. >> any questions? >> just a quick translating it into arabic and to the community and i appreciate that work. >> you are welcome. >> and just to note that it is great news that the second quarter could look forward to have on-line complaint filings that is a real enroad. >> we are very excited about that. >> thank you. >> all right. the third report, department general order 8.10. first amended compliance, on january third, 2013, the chief investigator charles galman and
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attorney met with gracy the officer in charge of the special investigations unit to conduct the audit pursuant to the general order, 8.10. the purpose is to ensure that the first amendment rights guaranteed by the u.s. constitution are protected for all individuals by limiting the police investigation in the exercise of those rights to circumstances where where there are legitimate needs of law enforcement and investigating criminal activity >> they have must have reasonable that they are planning or engaged in criminal activity and which could be expected to result in bodily or property damage in excess of 2500 or constitutes a felony or a misdemeanor hate crime and the first amendment activities are relevant to the criminal
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investigation. requires that guidelines are followed including first prior authorization for the limited required for an investigation and the authorization goes up the chain of command to the police chief. two, limitation of 120 days for an investigation, but if necessary the authorization can be given to renew that investigation. three, guidelines for investigative techniques and four rules of conduct for infill tray tores. >> the police commission is charged with monitoring the compliance by reviewing the written requests and authorizations each month. the office of citizen complaints is charged with performing an annual audit and preparing a report to the police commission regarding the department's compliance. additionally the occ is to review all guidelines and regulations interpreting the guidelines, all documents relating to investigations and
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under cover techniques, three, all agency assist forms. and with that in mind, the occ reviewed the records and it reviewed the following. it reviewed the department general order 8.10. it reviewed all documents and records related to investigations subject to section 3, of the general order and under cover techniques pursuant to section 4 c of the guidelines and reviewed all agency assist forms. as a result of this review, we found the following. there were two investigations authorized during or records of two investigations authorized during the year.
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one of those investigations involved san francisco occupy, request for this investigation was submitted and approved on november 4th, 2011 and terminated on march 6th 2012, investigation concerned open source viewing of web materials related to occupy sf. and it also included communications with major cities and intelligence commanders and grouped about upcoming events and tactics and trends of the involved groups and the monitoring of the violent faction >> and the purpose is to the guidelines and appear limited in scope. and the second investigation concerns black block activities occurring after and reportedly in response to an officer involved shooting. approved on october first, 2012, the purpose of this investigation conforms to 8.10, and appears limited in scope and the